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Venice Gluten-Free Store

I wanted to post a quick update about a great little shop I found while traveling through Venice. I know others have blogged about this place as well, but I figure the more exposure the better for this great gluten-free resource. It’s called Mea Libera Tutti. It’s a little tucked away, but it’s worth your time to seek it out.

It seems that gluten-free restaurants and shops promote each other everywhere I travel and Italy was no different. Mea Libera Tutti was recommended by multiple restaurant owners we met in Venice.

When we arrived, the owner was immediately springing into action, showing us all of the newest and most exciting items in her shop. She is gluten intolerant and so is her son, so she understands the issues of Celiac disease very well. My wife and I talked to her at length and she ran around gathering samples of candies and cookies for us to try. We bought as much as our arms could carry. We were especially excited to purchase loads of different pastas and breads to bring back to Chicago with us. We had such a great experience that I promised her I would blog specifically about her store when I returned home.

One of the most exciting products we found was a gluten-free chocolate coffeecake filled with espresso-flavored cream filling. I know it wasn’t healthy, but it made for an excellent breakfast and snack on the go. We also found small loaves of french bread for making quick sandwiches. We even bought several bottles of Estrella Damm Daura gluten-free beer for wandering around Venice with.

The bottom line is that any trip to Venice isn’t gluten-free complete without a visit to Mea Libera Tutti. You can find it here:

Mea Libera Tutti - Please see Cindy’s note in the comments for the new location of Mea Libera Tutti!
Cannaregio 3805, Venice
+39 347-8488284

I’ll blog more about the wonderful gluten-free Italian places we discovered in Venice, Rome and Florence soon, but I wanted to be sure to take the time to call out Mea Libera Tutti in advance. Have you been to this place? Know of other great gluten-free resources in Venice? Post them below! Cin Cin!

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4 Comments for Venice Gluten-Free Store

Venice recommendations | down with gluten | November 10, 2012 at 4:43 am

[...] never went looking for it, but there’s a shop selling many gluten free items called Mea Libera Tutti. No website, but many people have blogged and raved about [...]

Cindy | December 10, 2013 at 12:23 pm

Mea Libera Tutti is now on Calle Rocchetta (3762/63) in Cannaregio. If you go to the Grom Gelato store by McDonalds, you are in the right neighborhood. It is tucked down a long alley so keep walking! Worth a stop. She can give you information about restaurants as well. If you’d like to contact her, do so through her facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/mea.liberatutti.1?fref=ts. She doesn’t really do email : )

Author comment by Phil | December 13, 2013 at 3:13 pm

Thanks for the comment, Cindy! This is definitely a place worth stopping for GF folks in Venice.

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